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The over the counter (OTC) market refers to a decentralised market where dealers trade directly with each other without the need for a central exchange. This market comprises a vast network of financial institutions like investment banks and hedge funds. There are various terminologies used in the stock market such as bull market, bear market, bid price, ask price, and volume - all of which can be quite confusing for novice investors. In this essay, we'll explore the various facets of the OTC market and the most common terminologies used in the stock market.

Checking Your Balance on the Ethereum
Checking Your Balance on the Ethereum

Enter your Ethereum Address:

Enter your Contract:

Checking your balance on the Ethereum blockchain

It's a good idea to constantly check the numerous value of your balance and find out about transactions by recording them on the Ethereum blockchain explorer .

Checking your balance on the Ethereum blockchain

You will notice that most of these online tools provide a complete history of all the activities you have completed. The first matches your public Ethereum address, which is a string of 42 characters starting with the number '0'. It is also worth noting that it is not a good idea to open your wallet on the wallet interface, for example, the Ministry of electricity, every time you check your balance, this is a bad habit, possibly endangering your important data.

Verification steps for checking your balance on Ethereum

In each period you need to use a different blockchain explorer in order to check balances using a different blockchain.

Step 1- Enter your Ethereum Address

Step 2- Enter your Contract

At the top, the shortened version of your address is displayed at the top of the widget. At the bottom, your total Ethereum balance is determined in USD currency.

Inserting your public wallet address will let you to check your ERC token balance online.

The list of ERC tokens is shown below. on the Ethereum network, ERC tokens. They are linked to the Ethereum network through a smart contract. Put your Ethereum wallet address in the textbox above to check the balance of any ERC token online. Everything will then be shown. The Ethereum blockchain is home to more than 20,000 tokens. Please provide a contract address if you need to display a missing token.

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