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The Best 3 Trading Strategies for Beginners: How to Start Applying Them


We have uncovered several profitable trading systems and trading styles. Perhaps the number of forex methods for beginners and expert traders is more than the number of participants in the market. This comes as no surprise given all of the criteria considered while developing successful forex strategies. 

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The Best 3 Trading Strategies for Beginners: How to Start Applying Them

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The best 3 trading strategies for beginners: how to start applying them without risks

Trading in a risk-free environment is the greatest method to put this theory into practice since it allows you to practice your abilities, perfect your techniques, and learn how to manage your emotions while trading.

When developing good forex strategies, we must consider the following criteria:

  • Features of the financial market and the economy in general
  • Analytical Tools and Theories
  • The genuine talents that novice traders possess.

Currency trading methods must fulfill the following major requirements in order to be successful:

  • The strategy's main premise should be readily understood.
  • It should offer adequate information for each trader to use on electronic trading platforms without problems.

How to Get Successful Forex Strategies

To begin, there is a crucial point to make: one of the most common errors in newbie traders' thinking that influences their view of forex methods.

New traders frequently depict the Forex and CFD trading markets as open to the public. What they see are graphs and indicators that have an influence on the market, and they frequently overlook the other traders active in this market!

This is problematic because it leads traders to view the market as a place where they have no authority. This is a highly incorrect assumption that should not be spread and disseminated since the market is always changing and the activities of traders fully impact market movement and supply and demand.

As a result, in order to get extraordinary results in forex trading, the trader must be willing to put in more work and time, as well as have a competitive advantage over other traders in the global money market.

Practically speaking, there is no single successful trading technique that can be applied to every financial market condition, price setting, or trading opportunity. This is why it is critical to become a competitor and specialist in one of the two possibilities listed below.

  • First, you could want to become an expert in one trading technique and use it whenever you can. Secondly, you might want to learn a limited number of various forex trading methods and utilize them in as many different scenarios as you can.
  • Even while the first two choices are the best to make, they also have certain disadvantages. The first demands a great deal of patience from the trader; the second calls for emotional and psychological control as well as awareness of potential difficult scenarios and contradicting signals.

The three most effective basic forex trading strategies for beginners are shown in this article and can be used to a variety of financial markets. Forex trading strategies are simple to use and sufficiently thorough to be put into practice.

Every effective trading technique needs some time to implement, a certain quantity of cash, and adequate mental control. The transfer trading strategy, trend following strategy, and breakthrough approach are some examples of these basic forex methods.

If you are new to trading currencies and the financial markets, it is crucial to not only save and copy these forex strategies but also to fully grasp the underlying concepts, put them to the test, and consider how they might be improved to better suit your particular trading style or market conditions.

1- Breakout Trading strategy

This trading technique doesn't take a lot of time, but it might be challenging to implement for traders who lack patience and prefer to focus on short-term outcomes over long-term ones.

  • Preparation for entry:
Each trader must first know what they are searching for before looking at the chart. This implies that before you begin trading, you must confirm that the money market circumstances are appropriate and good to enter. No matter how simple or sophisticated Forex techniques are, or whatever CFDs you choose to trade, knowing what you're searching for enables you to move rapidly through a variety of schemes without missing any crucial information.

You need a financially market that is pretty targeted to begin implementing a breakthrough technique. This denotes a horizontal financial market with relatively small price corridors. Bears (downstream traders) and bulls (uptrend traders) have about equal strength in these corridors.

To differentiate between money markets, many approaches are utilized. The basic 200-period moving average on the daily chart is the basis for the entry-level trading method presented here. The number 200 was chosen since it is nearly the amount of trade days each year, implying that you are seeing the average yearly shift. Determine the price range using the market and its typical daily variations - for example, 50 points on either side of the simple moving average 200.

  • Entry:
The entrance rules for this technique are straightforward. If a candle appears on one side of your simple 200 moving average but penetrates the other side, you should trade in the direction of the penetration. Look for a skyscraper candle with at least 50-60 points.

  •  Exit:

Exit criteria, like entry conditions, are critical for traders. This holds true for all effective trading approach discovered thus far, no matter how basic or tough.

Always be sure to stop when you hit the 200 Moving Average Index (200 SMA). A total halt is one that is made without any debate or hesitation. If the price returns to the indication level, you should be aware that the hack was a hoax. At this price level, the market is still busy and roaring, and speculators are on the rise and fall.

The worst-case scenario is a loss of 50-60 points. The ideal scenario would be for this innovation to become a trend.

If you can keep the stop 50-60 points behind the price, you will be able to exit the 200 simple moving average profit zone.

Because of its simple usage and management, this currency trading method is one of the most profitable entry-level trading systems. If you master this, you will only need to check at your charts once a day to use the hack method.

This strategy's flaw is that it won't work when markets change and fluctuate significantly, such throughout the summer. The fluctuation of market prices within a given range is another drawback. By using the method you are using, you could experience the aforementioned false signals, but if you adhere to stringent exit criteria, you will eventually continue to benefit from them.

This topic is frequently discussed among forex traders. Tightening entrance requirements will result in fewer transactions overall, but they will increase the rate or profit rate generated. The same holds true for tightening exit restrictions; by doing so, you will experience fewer losses, but you will also pass up on certain profitable opportunities.

2- Trend Following strategy

Every financial investor has to be aware of current market developments. One of the easiest sorts of currency trading techniques for beginners is to just follow the following trend. The market often continues to move in the same direction for a while. To be among the first to profit from this, traders must be fast to identify and confirm the market's movement and enter when they observe it moving in the correct direction.

  • Prepare to enter:

The traders that use this approach typically use an enhanced 200-EMA moving average (EMA) on the monitor chart to determine whether the market has a set, constrained, or downward price range. In general, closed candles around the EMA signify a constrained range and signal that we must halt. Candles that close away from the EMA signal a general price trend, advising us to continue in that direction and signaling a trading opportunity. Traders are aiming for a breakout point similar to the prior method.

  •  Entry:

Bollinger bands are used to determine entry points in this currency trading method. These Bollinger lines clarify whether the market is restricting or moving in a specific direction. It also helps to discover the optimal times to get into a trend strategy trade.

If you see that the market is in a bullish trend, which means that both the price and the Bollinger bands are above the 200 EMA, check for a purchase signal provided by the price up to the bottom limit of the Bollinger bands, which is also the end of the withdrawal.

A selling signal arises when the market is falling and the bands are below the EMA 200. Similarly, the price hits the higher range, signaling the conclusion of the withdrawal.

  •  Exit:

Look for the price up to the Bollinger Band Resistance Range - lower in the downtrend and higher in the uptrend - to determine when to exit the trade, whether you purchase on the upswing or sell on the decline. Following these steps will allow you to benefit from these directional moves without wasting time in withdrawal.

This is one of the greatest sorts of techniques for straightforward and rational forex trading. On the other hand, it, like every other trading method, has flaws.

This trading method is more steady than the previous one since it employs chart monitoring. They can also provide outstanding profits when utilized in market movements with broad up or down tendencies, but in markets with narrow and set ranges, this method may result in the loss of certain agreements.

3- Carry trade strategy

The third easy sort of currency trading strategy for beginners covered in this article differs greatly from the previous two. The first two strategies outperform in high volatility environments and markets with clear general trends, whereas currency trading options over this forex strategy prefer markets with exclusive price ranges, i.e. movements between support and resistance levels, and are not dependent on the absence of volatility. Furthermore, this "open and forget" method is beneficial in the long run because it requires little management work but takes some time to start producing income.

To get the most out of your trading strategy, seek for currency pairings with the lowest volatility and maximum interest rate. Larger ratios often imply more advantages. Following that, you should trade in the Positive Swap direction, which means selling low interest rate currency and purchasing high interest rate currency. With the aid of Positive Swap, this will allow for significant long-term earnings.

More reasoning for the transfer process is supported by economic theory from the Basic Analysis Book. According to this idea, higher interest rate currencies attract more investors than the comparable currency in the long term due to their financial inputs.

Due to the failure of the technique, transactions may be impacted by sudden changes in price. Trading professionals need to be aware of this and embrace the possibility of long-term negative positioning. Furthermore, because such trading may last for at least a few months, the transfer trading method is challenging to maintain and necessitates a substantial financial investment.


By putting stop-buy and stop-sell orders, Grid Trading's forex strategy aims to profit from the market's typical movement. With a specified size to collect gains without halting the loss, this is carried out at predetermined distances in the market (referred to as "Stalking"). The unpredictable direction of price movement is eliminated in this style of trading. This calls for extremely complicated terms for handling finances, nevertheless. The margin of error is also increased because you will be juggling several deals at once.
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