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Every currency in the world has a designated code that is used on currency exchange markets, as well as a symbol that is often used when pricing items in a store or dishes in a restaurant, for instance. While some of them might seem familiar, others might not. We can help if you're unsure of the currency symbol you require.

Convert Currency code to Currency Symbol
World Currency Symbols - Convert Currency code to Currency Symbol

 Currency Symbols of the World

Here is everything you need to know about some of the various money symbols used across the world, wherever you go.

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Do you need to manage money in several different currencies or nations? Using wisdom might be beneficial.

For international and multi-currency accounts, banks frequently impose steep fees. And if you've ever attempted to manage many accounts in several nations, you know it's rarely easy.

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International Currency Signs and Symbols

A quick and simple approach to write down individual currency names is to use currency symbols. It's a useful shorthand that simplifies the words by substituting a visual symbol, like $40 for the full form of 40 US dollars. It's important to note that while there are some minor variances in monetary symbols, they are generally uniform. Without altering the meaning, the USD sign, for instance, might be written with two vertical lines instead of only one.

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Recognizing the currency sign is useful while visiting a foreign country since you can see it on menus or in shops. As just a few are displayed on the typical computer keyboard, you may also need to know how to enter money symbols.

Which comes first, the currency sign or the sum?

This is dependent on the local customs and the money. Some currencies, particularly in English-speaking nations and South America, are usually written before the amount. For instance, a $100 amount might be expressed as such in the US.

The symbol is frequently used at the end of the quantity in various European nations, therefore you might see 50€ written in France or Germany.

In other places, the currency symbol appears where you might anticipate a decimal separator, such as 20$00.

Currency Symbols List Cryptocurrencies

The majority of cryptocurrencies, including Monero, Litecoin, and Ethereum, mark their money with already-existing characters.

  1. Bitcoin ₿
  2. Ethereum Ξ
  3. Litecoin Ł
  4. Monero ɱ
  5. Ripples XRP
  6. Tether  ₮


Our list of international currency names, codes, and symbols. The primary product in forex trading is foreign currency, which is utilized for both travel expenses and currency exchange.

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So check over our Currency Guides before purchasing your trip money. Our currency guides include details on currency codes, limits, pricing of everyday things, and a budget calculator for traveling abroad. You can get all the information you want to ensure that your upcoming vacation is trouble-free.

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